Build, count and optimize your audience segmentation

More Personal Means More Valuable 

Are you able to personalize your messages (and boost results)
with customer intel from any lifecycle at scale?
If the answer is “not yet” we can help.

Send Targeted Messages Faster and More Confidently

Make every message more relevant with an easy to use & visual segment builder to deploy targeted messages faster.

Build More Engaging Segments

Segment customers based on their behaviors captured through events and actions they’ve taken on any channel. Enrich customer profiles with customer-level attributes for more precise and relevant segmentation that increases engagement.

Precise Segmentation Tools and Data

Get more accurate and precise audience segmentation data with an audience counter integrated into the visual segmentation builder that makes it easy to see your message is going to the right — and right number — of customers. Improve campaign outcomes with customer-level data that reveals which of your audience segments are most engaged and valuable.


Key Features

  • Segment Builder
  • Event Segmentation
  • Attribute Segmentation

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