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Preference Center

Only Airship enables customers to identify their preferred channels, all from within the app

Encourage loyalty and stay ahead of the competition by delivering relevant content on your app and increase customer control with AXP Preference Center. Empower customers to control how they engage with your brand via the app by allowing them to select how, when and where they would like to be communicated with. Apple and Android have made customer preference customization critical to sustain direct customer communications, yet to date, Airship is the only company to include this functionality for and within the app.

AXP Preference Center is Simple to Implement

App teams can easily set up and continually fine-tune the Preference Center without the aid of a developer, as well as take advantage of opt-in forms for SMS and email. Quickly and easily set up seasonal subscription lists to allow customers to opt-in to seasonal campaigns and then remove the list after the campaign ends.

Show Them You
Know Them

AXP Preference Center allows customers to determine how, when and where they want to be communicated with, whether via the app, email, SMS or the web. Automatically trigger a journey for a customer when they opt into a new subscription list of their choice. Rest assured they will continue to receive personalized content with lists that automatically update as a customer opts in or out.

AXP Preference Center

Key Features

  • Subscription Lists
  • Segmentation
  • Preference Center
  • Preferences

  • Personalization
  • Channel Coordination
  • Contact Management

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